Donald Trumps loses a court battle in Scotland so he buys a course in Ireland

The Donald does lose sometimes. After a lengthy legal battle with the powers that be in Scotland over the development of a wind farm off the coast of his course, Trump regrouped quickly. He has purchased the Doonbeg resort on the west coast of Ireland.The Scottish legal battle was actually pretty intense. It seems clear that Donald pulled out all the legal stops to try and put a halt to the turbines off his course that would “ruin” the view. He even went as far as to call into question his “human rights” being violated. The court didn’t buy.

Click her to read the legal drama and details

Meanwhile, the course he has shifted his focus to, Doonbeg, has some amazing holes, and all for a relatively inexpensive $20M. It’s already considered a 5 star resort with a great golf course and spa. Check out some of these turbine-free views:

Doonbeg Golf Course




Doonbeg Golf CourseDoonbeg Golf Course




The course looks amazing. Once The Donald gets done with it, should be event better.

BUT, let’s hope he doesn’t put it out of reach for the average golfer like he did in Doral. The greens fee for the recently re-opened Doral is $450!!! That course isn’t worth that much.





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